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  • Listing & Selling on Shahco is quick and convenient. Shahco is used by insurance companies, banks, finance companies, charities, wholesalers & salvage auto dealers. We are working hard and adding new sellers every year.
Join Shahco as a Seller
  • To start using and listing your inventory to all potential buyers you must first become a Shahco registered seller.
  • To register as a Shahco Seller please complete our seller registration form. Soon after completing the registration process you will be guided through a confirmation email containing the registration details. After receiving the details, you can now sign into as a seller and start listing all your vehicles.
  • Access the sign in option by clicking the header button on the top right of the screen.
  • During the registration process you will also get to choose the membership type and make payment for either a basic a premium membership.
  • As of now all our members will only be charged after a 30 Days Free Trial.
  • Shahco brings you the largest salvage market in the middle east. We have something for everyone. Body shops, dealers, salvage buyers or any individual consumer. With Shahco you can find yourself the perfect project car or a daily driving car. We will help you every step of the way.

Follow the below mentioned steps and you will be good to go.

  • to start using and accessing the full service that shahco provides you must first become a shahco member.
  • to register as a shahco member, please complete our registration form for both an individual or a business member. soon after completing the first step you will be guided through a confirmation email containing your login details. after receiving your details, sign in to your account from
  • access the sign in/ log in page by clicking the header button at the top right of the screen.
  • during the registration process you will get to choose your membership type and make payments for either a basic or a premium membership.
  • as of now all our members will only be charged after a 30 days free trial.
  • members who would like to skip choosing a membership type can still access shahco and will be considered guest members.
  • all guest members can search through vehicles but will have limited access to all the features shahco provides. some of the important features that guest members will be missing out on are
    • going through very important details of the vehicle.
    • knowing exactly who the seller individual/business of the vehicle is.
    • knowing the exact location of the vehicle.
    • placing an early offer.
    • going through the condition report of the vehicle.
    • going through all the accident photos of the vehicle.
  • Shahco with its easy to use platform has made searching for vehicles easy and convenient for its members. Learn more about these great features and start searching today.
Vehicle Finder
  • Shahco vehicle finder allows members to search through different categories.
  • Vehicle makes
  • Vehicle makes
  • Vehicle Damages
  • Manufacturing Year
  • Source
  • Location
Search Results
  • On any search result page, redesign your search result by using the appropriate filters mentioned to the left side of the screen. Use them well to suit your preferences.
Making an Offer
  • Registered members on Shahco can also benefit from placing an offer to the vehicle seller. By just clicking the “MAKE AN OFFER” box, the member can try their luck by notifying and negotiating with the seller through our platform.
  • The final step after you have deiced on a vehicle and have come to the final price with the seller is the payment & pickup option. Shahco provides a safe and a hassle free payment option where we take the final deal to the seller and make the final payment from our side as soon as the amount is transferred to our BANK a/c details that will be provided to the buyer.
Picking up your vehicle
  • If the member has decide to pick the vehicle in person. Do make sure all due payments have been cleared and that the seller has been notified prior to the arrival of the pick-up team.
Transportation & Shipping
  • As of now we are working closely with third-party tow providers and shipping companies to provide hassle free shipping on many vehicles. Members will be notified as the service starts. Thank you for being patient.